Happy holidays from all of us at Symbal!

Ho ho ho! Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year from Symbal!

This year’s X-mas gift is a contribution to Save the Children, and the people of Aleppo. Read more about it here!

This year’s X-mas greeting is a 360° film. Have a look around and watch out for the joggler 15 seconds in to the movie. Don’t try this at home 😉

Drop in with an idea, go home with a film!


As new forms and forums for digital film keep appearing, so do communication opportunities. In our new studio space Symbal Studios, making the most of them is easy. We offer everything you need for turning film into an efficient everyday communication tool for your company, whatever the shape and size of your project.

Have a look at www.symbalstudios.com to learn more.

The Rendahl Model™ – an introduction

Knowing what matters to people deep down is the key to inspiring successful change. Watch professor Jan Erik Rendahl explain briefly about the scientific theory on existential core values, and how these affect us in our approach to change. With this theory as the base Symbal provides both target group analyzes for change communication and advice on how to build productive change teams.

(More films are available at Vimeo and Youtube)

Get the change train rolling – ChangeMeter™

We humans have basic existential values that guide our thinking and behaviour. These core values are deeply rooted and follow us from childhood throughout life. Understanding these values lets you identify both the motivation for and resistance to change.

Please visit this this page to learn more about our approach to systematically measure the target groups’ willingness and motivation for change – ChangeMeter™.

Peter Gustafson, CEO talks about the importance of knowing your target audience. The basis for all change communication. (Currently only in Swedish)

(More films are available at Vimeo and Youtube)

PAH Academy iPad app – Investigating unclear dyspnoea

New app helps physicians save lives.

Symbal recently helped Actelion turn a 1.5 day seminar into an iPad app. The app educates physicians on how to recognize certain diseases – some of which are lethal if untreated. Since the education is no longer bound to a stack of papers and a specific location, many more physicians have the possibility to get the information they need.

Watch the trailer for a sneak peek inside the new PAH Academy iPad app.

Symbal help bring social media into the classroom

We’re currently working with Nationalencyklopedin (NE) to create a program that teaches teachers how to use social media as part of their lessons. The goal is not only to open their eyes to the huge range of new opportunities but also to make sure they stay ahead of potential trouble.

To that end, we have created a crash course in the form of three digital learning modules based on research from leading educators. The modules cover the ins and outs of major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the unique strengths of each.

The learning experience features a variety of educational content like videos, interactive exercises and reflective questions to get teachers thinking about how these tools might apply in their unique classrooms.

Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek inside the new training program.

Note: Symbal has not produced this film.

Become the best that you can be!

Posten Norge decided to support a healthy lifestyle in a healthy work environment. Symbal created a set of change communication tools to improve the health consciousness in the organization – such as an e-learning with movies, an interactive self-diagnosis and finally a challenge for participants in carrying out activities in their daily lives. It includes exercise, food, rest and social interaction.

Click on the image or choose to listen to Johan Swärd from Posten Norge when he talks about the Health Coach (only in Swedish) here!

Skärmavbild 2014-03-06 kl. 16.45.53

Save the Children

Symbal gives this year’s Christmas gift to the Swedish organisation Rädda Barnen. We support their operations because it focuses on education and the importance for children living under tough conditions to learn and accquire knowledge to be better off in life. You can learn more about Rädda Barnen by watching the film (in Swedish).

Note: Symbal has not produced this film. We are supporting Rädda Barnen through a financial contribution.

Film your stories!

Film is an efficent communication tool in all steps of the change journey. We use film to explain, and put focus on the essential message, to visualize the future state and to explain about the change process. Some of our clients use us as their web-TV team. We are alert to catch real stories about the change work directly from people in the target group. We catch latest news and report about coming activities.

Here is a short film from Vimeo explaining how to prepare and conduct an interview. If you do not want to film the interview on your own, call us. We are professionals, from scriptwriting, filming to editing.

Gives you an idea about how we work. Have fun!