Meet our new regional manager

Symbal has customers in Gothenburg since a few years back and an office in the center of town, Stora Badhusgatan. Now we have Anna Bromander on site, which not only refers to herself as a hillbilly and a big Lord of the Rings fan – she is also our new regional manager in Gothenburg. This is her story!


Hi Anna! Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a hillbilly living in Gothenburg with my husband and two children. After six years at the university, maxing out my student loans on media and communication, journalism and digital media (among other things) I started out in television but soon changed over to the booming IT industry and more specifically e-learning script writing. Producing engaging and educational experiences have been my passion ever since.

Why Symbal?
I have worked with competence development for many years and I think that Symbal takes an exciting comprehensive approach to what is required to implement a successful change, both regarding communication and training. For me, it means a wider perspective of the customer journey and it feels like a natural extension of my previous work.

What does change mean to you?
Change can be scary for some and thrilling for others. Regardless, it is an inevitable part of life. At the same time, change must not be an end in itself. Overall, we need to get better at also noticing what actually works well today, and manage and develop it.

I myself am probably somewhere in between risk personality and security addict. I can be attracted by both.


  • What’s your favourite movie? I am a movie buff and often get this question. It is always difficult to answer. But if I have to, I choose the films that come as close to perfection as possible – The lord of the rings.
  • Who do you greatly admire? I admire ordinary people who quietly do selfless deeds to help others.
  • What are addicted to? I have come to the conclusion that I do not have the predisposition for addiction but there are two things I simply can not have at home – julmust and nutella.
  • What’s your greatest wish? For my children to have their health and enjoy their lifes.

A new role after a decade of service


Johan Evander is our newest Concept Designer. He’s also one of our very first employees. After nearly ten years at Symbal, Johan has experienced all our ups and downs first-hand. Now he’s embarking on a new journey with his recent promotion from Visual Designer to Concept Designer.

Thanks to the new role, Johan is getting much more involved in the process of creating and selling solutions.

“The biggest difference is that I focus more on coming up with, documenting and presenting ideas instead of developing someone else’s, which is usually the case when you’re a Visual Designer. The most exciting part is getting to do more writing for all sorts of projects. It can be anything from e-learning courses to film scripts.”

Johan sees Symbal as a company that values creativity and gives him the chance to work with a wide range of projects and customers.

“We’ve got a unique offer. There aren’t many places where you can work with change the way we do at Symbal, especially not in Sweden. Companies like us don’t grow on trees.”

Back when Johan was first recruited to Symbal he only had five co-workers, including founders Peter and Anders. Over the past ten years he’s watched the company expand to 21 strong. It’s a great satisfaction to be able to contribute even more to the company’s progress in his new position.

“We started out as a rowdy little boy’s club and now we’re a full organization. It’s been educational, to say the least. Now I’m looking forward to the new challenges that come with being a Concept Designer. And celebrating a full decade on team Symbal.”

The art of juggling


Elin Sjödelius Johansson began her career at Symbal as a trainee directly after graduating with degrees in Media Production and Process Design at Malmö Högskola.

Today, Elin holds two positions at Symbal as Marketing Assistant and Visual Designer.

“My two roles give me the opportunity to work both externally with clients as a Visual Designer and internally as a Marketing Assistant,” explains Elin. “My work as a Visual Designer means that I get to package and visualize the concepts we develop for clients. In my work as a Marketing Assistant, I’m responsible for maintaining our website, keeping us active in social media, and other types of marketing including a variety of materials we need for client meetings and other events.”

Elin explains that her broad range of tasks and challenges push her to develop her knowledge base.

“One day is rarely like another, that’s something I really enjoy. I believe it’s both creative and constructive to switch between different assignments. It challenges me to keep growing and improving. When juggling a lot of tasks, I’m like a fish in water!”

Elin points out that her colleagues’ experience and competence are important factors of her development.

“I’m the youngest person at Symbal and for me it’s fantastic to work with such a knowledgeable team,” she says happily. “We’re good at sharing and we learn a lot from each other. It’s these qualities that lift Symbal as a workplace to a whole other level!”

Meet our new concept designer


Hi Malin! Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a woman (even if I keep saying girl) living in Malmö despite my love of hills. I always try to look forward but love history. I’m still curious enough to get excited when Unknown Number pops up on my phone. I like travelling to places with clear water or good coffee. I’m fascinated by stories and human behaviour and thankful I get to work with my interests.

My background is in graphic design and communication. I have worked as an Art Director on the client side for a global company and on the supplier side at agencies. Each side has its benefits when it comes to creating communication and it’s helpful to understand them both – especially in my current role.

Why Symbal?
Symbal stands out by being both rooted in behavioural theory and skilled at creating practical communication solutions that make a real difference to companies running change projects.

I like that Symbal say they work with change communication and really do work with change communication 🙂 And the fact that Symbal has established video as an effective format for internal communication added to my interest. So here I am!

What does change mean to you?
Change is sometimes a pain and sometimes it’s the only thing you want. One thing is for sure: it’s inevitable. Learning to manage it is the key. That’s what I keep telling myself, with varied results. I think this quote sums it up: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”


  • What’s your favourite movie? La Vita e Bella because it so beautifully shows what can happen when humour is used to handle tragedy. I have probably seen it 18 times, with as many tissues.
  • Who do you greatly admire? All types of heroes; the ones who chase you a whole block to return the scarf you dropped, even though it means they’ll miss the bus. Or people who risk more than that. And people who face big challenges and turn them into something good. I also have a fictional hero in Wiesler, the STASI (German secret police) character in The Lives of Others. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. I also love Julia Child as a model of having lust for life. My boyfriend sometimes says we have the same laugh. I am not sure that’s a compliment.
  • What are addicted to? Romerska bågar (chocolate orange slices)
  • What’s your greatest wish? Top secret

”In sickness and in health!”

pa For several years now, Symbal and FilmExpress have worked closely together. During autumn 2013, we took the step towards a joint company. January 1st 2014 we moved into our new office at Skeppsbron in Malmö and now we work together as Symbal. Peter Addin is the founder of FilmExpress and now works as a creative director and filmmaker at Symbal.

In an interview, Peter tells us about the value of film as a tool in everyday communication and his own thoughts about the merger between Symbal and FilmExpress. What was the main reason for it and what are his goals?

Hi Peter! Tell us a little about yourself, who are you?
I am a young man in his prime! On late evenings and weekends, I live a completely normal family life in the Malmö area – but during daytime, I have a secret job as a superhero, in the form of a filmmaker at Symbal.

In 2013, FilmExpress merged with Symbal – and is now a new company. What was, according to you, the main reason for the merger?
One of the main reasons is that we have worked closely together the past 3-4 years, but in different companies. I can relate to something that my mom has recommended – that you should go on your honeymoon before you get married. I think that is a pretty good advice – and it is kind of what we have done with Symbal during these years. We have enjoyed our testing period, which has been fantastic, where we worked at full speed and had lots of projects together – but as a company you still had your own identity.

The honeymoon is over, the trip went better than expected and now our two companies are bound to each other – in sickness and in health!

What is your personal goal with the merger?
My personal goal is that we will become even better at reaching out with our vision of using film in the everyday life. For instance, film is an amazing tool for successful companies – big or small – that would like to become even more successful. This is how we want film to be perceived by everyone.

But it is hard to reach out to everyone. With this merger, we have the ability to broaden our message on a truly amazing opportunity, to naturally let film walk hand in hand with other everyday communications. Hopefully we can show even more customers the possibility of using film in different ways. If you haven’t worked with film before, it can be perceived as complicated and expensive – and you might not know where to start. This is a common perception we would like to change! The start is really simple – it begins here, usually with a cup of coffee…

We now have a whole different opportunity to offer film communication on all possible platforms in a more comprehensive way. We also want to emphasize the possibility that, just as before, you can think of us as a film crew and turn to us if you need help producing any type of film.


  • Best movie: It varies from time to time, but I choose two: ”Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa and ”The Lovers on the Bridge” by Leos Carax. Maybe just because I would like to watch them again and check if they still are as good.
  • A person I greatly admire: If I can choose a fictional person, I choose Zeb Macahan – he’s just the best! (one of the main characters from the American western TV series “How the West Was Won”)
  • The best sport I know: Shooting of horseback! Are there any other sports?
  • I’m addicted to: (with a resounding laugh!) Oxygen or dark beer, it’s a tough choice..
  • My greatest wish: Will be kept secret!

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