Drop in with an idea, go home with a film!


As new forms and forums for digital film keep appearing, so do communication opportunities. In our new studio space Symbal Studios, making the most of them is easy. We offer everything you need for turning film into an efficient everyday communication tool for your company, whatever the shape and size of your project.

Have a look at www.symbalstudios.com to learn more.

Symbal appoints new CEO


On January 1st, Martin Hoff will take over as CEO of Symbal Communication. Peter Gustafson, who has been CEO since Symbal was founded in 2003, will stay on in a new role.

Martin’s appointment is part of Symbal’s next phase. Today, we have grown to 21 employees with offices in Malmö and Gothenburg. We have a broad base of suppliers in both Sweden and abroad. To take this journey further, it is time for a new CEO who will focus on top class delivery to customers while improving our organization and leadership.

Martin Hoff excelled in his career as a manager at Sony Ericsson. He went on to become CEO of consulting firm Chase XL, a position he has held for the past five years. Martin has extensive experience in managing and consulting both change management and market intelligence.

Peter Gustafson will serve as Symbal’s executive chairman and focus on strategic business development. Peter will also continue to be an advisor and consultant in our favorite area – change communication.

“Our guiding star has always been ‘change for the better’,” Peter says. “This reason for being guides us not only in our work with our customers, but in the development of our company. After 12 years at the helm as an entrepreneur, consultant and CEO, it’s the right time for the company to take the next step. I’m happy to let the next generation of leader take the wheel and see what happens.”

The heart and soul of Symbal will remain intact but Martin will inject new ideas and his own vision of the future.

“I want Symbal to strengthen its position as the leader in our niche in Sweden,” says Martin Hoff. “It’s a position I want to see us take in other countries in the future. To remain relevant to customers, Symbal has to grow. Our employees are our most important resource and giving them the chance to develop is vital for our future success. We also have to make sure our offer evolves in step with the changing needs of our customers. I see these areas as my main focus in the coming years.”

Meet our new regional manager

Symbal has customers in Gothenburg since a few years back and an office in the center of town, Stora Badhusgatan. Now we have Anna Bromander on site, which not only refers to herself as a hillbilly and a big Lord of the Rings fan – she is also our new regional manager in Gothenburg. This is her story!


Hi Anna! Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a hillbilly living in Gothenburg with my husband and two children. After six years at the university, maxing out my student loans on media and communication, journalism and digital media (among other things) I started out in television but soon changed over to the booming IT industry and more specifically e-learning script writing. Producing engaging and educational experiences have been my passion ever since.

Why Symbal?
I have worked with competence development for many years and I think that Symbal takes an exciting comprehensive approach to what is required to implement a successful change, both regarding communication and training. For me, it means a wider perspective of the customer journey and it feels like a natural extension of my previous work.

What does change mean to you?
Change can be scary for some and thrilling for others. Regardless, it is an inevitable part of life. At the same time, change must not be an end in itself. Overall, we need to get better at also noticing what actually works well today, and manage and develop it.

I myself am probably somewhere in between risk personality and security addict. I can be attracted by both.


  • What’s your favourite movie? I am a movie buff and often get this question. It is always difficult to answer. But if I have to, I choose the films that come as close to perfection as possible – The lord of the rings.
  • Who do you greatly admire? I admire ordinary people who quietly do selfless deeds to help others.
  • What are addicted to? I have come to the conclusion that I do not have the predisposition for addiction but there are two things I simply can not have at home – julmust and nutella.
  • What’s your greatest wish? For my children to have their health and enjoy their lifes.

Latest meet-up of the Symbal HR Network

Over the past 15 years, Andreas Breiler of Idélaboratoriet has been teaching, inspiring and writing handbooks on idea development.

Last week, we were happy to have him join us for the latest meet-up of the Symbal HR Network. The network used the meet-up to identify the factors that impact an organisation’s ability to be innovative, such as its atmosphere, innovation culture, idea generation processes, how creative competence is managed, the physical environment and incentive programs. Fred Eriksson, who works with Expert Change & Organisation Development at Eon, hosted the event.

The network, which is run by Symbal, has met 2-3 times a year since 2012. The network is made up of specialists and managers within HR and Competence Development who are passionate about organisational development.

This year the network has seen strong growth. It now boasts members from 20 organisations, most of which are multinational.

Want to learn more about the network?
Contact Peter Gustafson at pg@symbal.com or 0708 45 62 62



A new role after a decade of service


Johan Evander is our newest Concept Designer. He’s also one of our very first employees. After nearly ten years at Symbal, Johan has experienced all our ups and downs first-hand. Now he’s embarking on a new journey with his recent promotion from Visual Designer to Concept Designer.

Thanks to the new role, Johan is getting much more involved in the process of creating and selling solutions.

“The biggest difference is that I focus more on coming up with, documenting and presenting ideas instead of developing someone else’s, which is usually the case when you’re a Visual Designer. The most exciting part is getting to do more writing for all sorts of projects. It can be anything from e-learning courses to film scripts.”

Johan sees Symbal as a company that values creativity and gives him the chance to work with a wide range of projects and customers.

“We’ve got a unique offer. There aren’t many places where you can work with change the way we do at Symbal, especially not in Sweden. Companies like us don’t grow on trees.”

Back when Johan was first recruited to Symbal he only had five co-workers, including founders Peter and Anders. Over the past ten years he’s watched the company expand to 21 strong. It’s a great satisfaction to be able to contribute even more to the company’s progress in his new position.

“We started out as a rowdy little boy’s club and now we’re a full organization. It’s been educational, to say the least. Now I’m looking forward to the new challenges that come with being a Concept Designer. And celebrating a full decade on team Symbal.”

The art of juggling


Elin Sjödelius Johansson began her career at Symbal as a trainee directly after graduating with degrees in Media Production and Process Design at Malmö Högskola.

Today, Elin holds two positions at Symbal as Marketing Assistant and Visual Designer.

“My two roles give me the opportunity to work both externally with clients as a Visual Designer and internally as a Marketing Assistant,” explains Elin. “My work as a Visual Designer means that I get to package and visualize the concepts we develop for clients. In my work as a Marketing Assistant, I’m responsible for maintaining our website, keeping us active in social media, and other types of marketing including a variety of materials we need for client meetings and other events.”

Elin explains that her broad range of tasks and challenges push her to develop her knowledge base.

“One day is rarely like another, that’s something I really enjoy. I believe it’s both creative and constructive to switch between different assignments. It challenges me to keep growing and improving. When juggling a lot of tasks, I’m like a fish in water!”

Elin points out that her colleagues’ experience and competence are important factors of her development.

“I’m the youngest person at Symbal and for me it’s fantastic to work with such a knowledgeable team,” she says happily. “We’re good at sharing and we learn a lot from each other. It’s these qualities that lift Symbal as a workplace to a whole other level!”

Symbal at Learning Technologies in London 28-29 January

Meet Symbal at Stand 192 and listen to our open seminar on Thursday 29th 11.45 – 12.15 on how an organisation can make a successful change journey.

Learning Technologies is Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work.

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With more than 7,000 visitors, two exhibition halls packed with the latest learning technologies, innovation and best practice and Europe’s leading L&D conference, it provides a unique and exciting environment for all those involved in workplace learning.

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